MaryTheresa Chin (chinner)

Hi Everyone...thanks for visiting my photo album! This is my latest tattoo!!! Lots of meaning behind it...this design started because I love Fleur De Lis'. After working with a Polynesian Tattoo artist named Afa...he came up with this design that incorporated the Fleur De Lis as the negative space within the tattoo. Polynesian tattoos are supposed to follow the curves of your body which is why it is shaped the way it is. Starting at the top of the will notice that there are flowers within it...that represents Blessings. Starting from the opening curve of the Fleur De Lis, the swirls represent Life. The Sharks Teeth that surround the Swirls...represent Strength. The shaded triangle at the bottom center represent family. The upside down triangles that flank both sides of the tattoo...represent Protection. If you check out the rest of the will find some Tahitian and Hawaiian Tribal designs as well.

King Afa just recently "finished" the rest of my back! I think I am done...uh...maybe!